Wilson Park Tennis Backboards 

The Carrboro Parks Project raised $3,700 for a new tennis backboard.

In July 2004 Dr. Dave Nash approached the Recreation and Parks Department in regards to raising funds in order to purchase and install a tennis backboard at Wilson Park Tennis Court. Staff began gathering information regarding the cost of purchasing and installing a tennis backboard. In August 2004 staff met with Dr. Nash to discuss the cost and feasibility of the project. Staff recommended that Dr. Nash present this idea to the Recreation and Parks Commission and contact the Carrboro Parks Project for assistance. This idea was presented to the Recreation and Parks Commission during the November 1, 2004 meeting. The Recreation and Parks Commission supported the idea and working with the Carrboro Parks Project. The Carrboro Parks Group agreed to assist with the marketing campaign. The anticipated cost for the project was $3,700. No financial commitment is requested of the Town of Carrboro.